Days on trains

Train day #3 - 07.10.2014

Luzern, Basel, Lausanne, Zürich, Zug

I unfortunately missed two train days because I had to stay at home with the kid, who got sick already after just 2 weeks of day care. Yeah, everybody warned about this!

My goal of the day was to have lunch with my former coworkers from Antistatique.

First leg: Luzern - Basel

Nice and comfortable IR train, which coming from Tessin goes to Basel. The weather was nice and I also had the chance to take a photo of a rainbow.

Second leg: Basel - Lausanne

I decided for this route, because I wanted to see one of the biggest swiss lake: Neuchâtel Lake, which takes the name from the namesake city Neuchâtel. What surprised me more was how many grapevine is cultivated in this area.

I have to mention the connection, because it was really stable and fast. Well done.

Third leg: Lausanne - Zürich

After a good lunch I waited a bit at Lausanne train station to take this train which is one of the few having the Starbucks restaurant coach. As an Italian I don't like this coffee shop that much (coffee is expensive and not as good as an italian espresso), but I was curious to see how they reproduced the brand on a train.

I have to admit they did a really good job. Entering the coach is like entering a Starbucks store and I enjoyed my Tall Latte in front of the nice view on Geneva Lake.

One bad thing of this route is the mobile connection. I really don't understand why in such an important way from Geneva to Zurich.

Fourth leg: Zürich - Zug

Last short leg of the day, on my way home.

Hint of the day

As a developer, remember to download your project's dependencies before leaving home, otherwise you will have bad time trying to do a npm install or composer install with a mobile connection.