Days on trains

Train day #2 - 16.09.2014

Luzern, Wattwil, Schaffhausen, Zürich

First leg: Luzern - Wattwil

This is a train is called Voralpen Express and is operated by Sudhostbahn, which departs from Luzern and goes to St. Gallen. The first part is the same route as last week's first leg, it just turn at Arth-Goldau station.

The weather was awesome, so I had the chance to take nice pictures and enjoy the panorama. I can't say the same of the connection as it wasn't good and beside that it didn't even have plugs: definitely not the best train to work from.

Once in Wattwil, I stopped by a Migros and had lunch with a sandwitch on the river.

Second leg: Wattwil - Schaffhausen

Heading through St. Gallen, we ran along Lake Costance at the border between Switzerland and Germany. It has really a cristal clear water and it's the third biggest European lake. The view was awesome!

The train was unfortunately without plugs and I had almost ran out of battery of my laptop and smartphone.

Third leg: Schaffhausen - Zürich

Short leg, but it worth mentioning because it passes near the Reinfall, which are the European biggest falls.

Hint of the day

If the weather is good, make sure you arrive at lunch time in a location where you can enjoy a walk and a meal outside: your legs will thank you after lot of hours seated.