Days on trains

Train day #1 - 09.09.2014

Luzern, Göschenen, Brig, Zürich

For my first day on trains I planned the itinerary the night before. What I had in mind was to cross some mountains and make a circular route.

First leg: Luzern - Göschenen

An IR train crossing the Alps, headed to Locarno as final stop.

Since I had some minutes for changing the train, I bought my meal for midday as I knew I would have been in the middle of the mountains for lunch. The first train departed at 09:18 from Luzern station and I was already excited!

I had my laptop on my legs and I was already working. The weather wasn't that good, despite good forecast, but it was great to be out there.

Second leg: Göschenen - Brig

This was a really small regional train which went up over 1.000 mt. It was really comfortable and surprisingly with power plugs. Obviously the connection was really bad as I was literally in the middle of the mountains.

The view was supreme and brought me some inspiration for work I had to do. Luckly I was prepared to work offline, otherwise it would have been a problem.

Third leg: Brig - Zürich

Last (long) leg of the day, good IR train with all the amenities. Nice swiss central panorama over lake Thun, fields and forests.

Hint of the day

If you want a pimped internet connection, look for this signal as it means that your train has an internal signal amplifier.