Some months ago, during a meetup in Luzern someone (unfortunately I don't remember who) told me:

[...], you can even spend your day travelling around Switzerland with no cost!

That was the first moment in which I realized that it's really possible!


Thanks to my awesome employer Antistatique who provided me with a GA travel card, I can travel for free on all trains, buses and boats in Switzerland. This is the description from SBB website:

During the period of validity, you can enjoy unlimited travel on all SBB routes and most private railways throughout Switzerland. The GA travelcard is also valid on postbuses and boats as well as local public transport services such as trams and buses in most cities and agglomerations. It also gives you special discounts on many Swiss mountain railways (GA area of validity).

My plans

Since it's time for my kid to start with the crèche, I decided to try it for real. On Tuesday, 9th of September I spent my first full day working and travelling across Swiss mountains. It was a success!

My plan is to do the same once a week until the end of my card subscription (January 2015) and to write about this experience, sharing suggestions and advices.

I will also make reviews of routes and trains, based on these parameters:

I hope you will enjoy reading and don't hesitate to get in touch with me!